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This UX Case Study involved redesigning the ‘Favorite Courses’ page of my.harvard, a website used by Harvard students to enroll in courses.



The ‘Favorite Courses’ page of my.harvard holds many significant pain points, most notably the lack of organization and the complex reordering of courses. By default, courses are ordered based on when a student 'favorites' a course, with the most recently added course placed at the bottom. To reorder the courses, students click "move up" or "move down", which moves the course one space upward or downward at a time. This becomes frustrating when attempting to move a course from near or at bottom of the list to the top. Additionally, when there are 20, 30, or even more 'favorited' courses, the lack of filtering or sorting abilities makes it difficult to find a specific class without painstakingly scrolling through the entire list.

Target population: This targets immigrant families: parents who immigrated to the United States, children who immigrated, or children of parents who immigrated to the U.S.



In my redesign, I have a fixed filter panel on the left-hand screen, giving students the ability to filter by 'tags' (semester, class meeting days, department, etc) that are automatically generated based on the class the student adds to their 'favorites'. Students are also able to customize 'labels' for each course, which are colors corresponding to a category that the student sets (in my mockup, for example, orange = electives, purple = secondary courses, etc).
Another feature in my mock-up involves the “view details” button. In the current my.harvard, clicking on this opens a separate tab, where students then click on the course again to actually view the details. This is an unnecessary step that I eliminate by having the ‘View details’ directly open as a pop-up that users can immediately click into or out of.
Finally, a top bar allows students to sort by the date added, and/or search for a specific course.



Hi-fi mock-up functions:

- Hovering over a course highlights it in a light-red outline
- Click on the tag, Spring 2022, to filter by spring 2022 courses
- Click on the orange label, Electives, to filter by orange labeled courses
- Click on ‘View details’ to open a pop-up of the course details. Click outside of the box to close the pop-up, or click on the X.


Given more time, I would implement a page with the ability to 'share'. This would be where students can share their favorite courses with their friends or create a collaborative 'favorites courses' list that multiple students can add to and view. It would be helpful for students wishing to take classes with friends. Additionally, it would be interesting to create a subpage where students can be recommended similar classes based on the courses in their favorites list.

Michelle Liu

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︎ I am a senior at Harvard College majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Studio Arts. I have interests in design, visual arts, and data.

︎ Outside of school, I love to paintdraw, animate, and photograph in my free time. You can find me bouldering, trying out new cuisines, and watching sunsets.


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